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Recent Construction Projects & Bids

Dewatered Sludge Handling Pump Replacement Project, Contract 16-1

Contrator:MBE Mark III Electric, Inc. Contract Amount: $3,449,777 Awarded 05/01/2017

Hauling and Disposal of Ash

Contractor:Gary W. Gray Trucking Inc. Contract Amount: $229,840.00(2-yr contract)Status: Awarded 02/27/17

Emergency Generator Project, Contract 14-1

Contractor: Thomas Controls, Inc. Cost: $3,400,000 Status: Under Construction

Delivery and Supply of Organic Polyelectrolyte(Polymer)

Supplier:SNF Polydyne Inc. Contract Amount: $191,416.32

Supply of Firm Non-Recallable Commodity Natural Gas

Supplier:Direct Energy(up charge) Contract Amount: $1,260,552

Hauling and Disposal of Grit and Screenings

Contractor:Freehold Cartage, Inc. Contract Amount: $67,000(2-yr contract)

Supply of Schwing Pump Parts

Contractor:Schwing Bioset Unit Price Parts Total: $180,912.01


Proposals Awarded

Solids Handling Pump Replacement Design Project

Consultant:GHD Amended Cost: $72,648(Design) and $31,919(Construction Services)